Al Thomas Memorial Scholarships


How much is awarded?

  • Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to deserving Apprentices enrolled in the Local #1 Oregon Apprenticeship Program.  The Apprentice Scholarships will be paid out in $500 increments.  The winning Apprentices will each receive $500 shortly after the winners are chosen and then the winners will each receive the second $500 installment in January 2020, provided they are still enrolled in the Apprenticeship Program.    

 Who is eligible?

  • Apprentice enrolled in the Local #1 Oregon Apprenticeship Program. 

 How are the winners selected?

For Apprentice Applicants:  Considerable weighting will be given for compliance with the Apprenticeship Program standards and requirements. 

As part of the application, we also request a short (300 - 500) word essay on how Union affiliation has positively impacted you and your family’s life.  The thoughtfulness of the essay will also have considerable weighting in the decision process.  The essay does not need to be typed, but does need to be readable.

What is the scholarship for?

These funds can be used for trade school expenses, on-the-job training, apprentice program expenses, etc.  Examples include fees, tools, books, and dues.  The Scholarship is paid directly to the Apprentice recipient.

Who selects the winners?

A three-person committee will pick the annual winners from written applications.  These committee members are not employees of Local #1 or the Apprenticeship Program.  Names of the applicants are removed during the review process. 

Where does the scholarship money come from?

Awards are made from a fund that is collectively bargained between Local #1 Oregon and the Mason Contractors Association.

How do you apply?

Applications are available on the Local #1 website,, and during regular business hours at the Local #1 office at 12812 NE Marx Street, Portland, OR  97230.  Additionally, the Trust Office can mail to you an application by calling 503-254-4022 or 1-800-591-8326 and requesting that an Al Thomas Scholarship application be mailed to you.


Al Thomas Scholarship
c/o Masonry Industry Trust Administration, Inc
9848 E Burnside Street
Portland OR 97216

DEADLINE DATE:  June 28, 2019

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