Apprentice Evaluations

Apprentices will be evaluated twice a year for the previous 6 months. 








1st Eval







2nd Eval







This is the date that you are doing the evaluation for the previous 6 months.

Please select the item that describes the apprentice's behavior for each category.

5)  Highly productive - very fast worker
4)  Makes good use of time
3)  Does work in a reasonable length of time
2)  Does less than expected - just trying to get by
1)  Slow - produces very little

Quality of Work:
5) Very accurate excellent results
4) Good quality work
3) Decent quality work
2) Needs to be reminded to improve quality
1) Shoddy results

5) Goes out of the way to help others, well liked, people want to work with
4) Good disposition, others like to work with, very cooperative
3) Cooperative, liked by most others on the job
2) Cannot get along with some people, unconcerned
1) Uncooperative, causes friction, behavior is unacceptable

5) Excellent worker, looks for work
4) Self starter, works out most problems
3) Does tasks without prompting, OK worker
2) Needs help, usually waits for direction
1) No ambition, does very little when left alone

Learning Ability:
5) Good memory, very alert, grasps new ideas immediately
4) Learns quickly, uses good judgment, applies past experience well
3) Progressing at a normal rate, usually has good judgment & reasoning
2) Learns slowly, frequent misunderstanding of job
1) Gets confused, needs repeated instructions on each job, slow learner

Housekeeping & Safety Habits:
5) Always places safety first, takes no chances, thinks of others safety
4) Observes all safety rules, wears safety apparel, uses correct tools
3) Observes safety rules, usually does job in a safe manner, needs reminding
2) Takes risks, doesn’t wear safety apparel regularly
1) Takes risks that threaten the safety of others, disregards personal safety

5) Completely trustworthy and always available
4) Can be depended on, always willing to help
3) Steady worker-reliable, good quality, good pace
2) Needs constant supervision, works at a moderate pace
1) Loafs on the job, slow to get started, unreliable

Mechanical Ability:
5) Develops and implements new ideas and concepts, a problem solver
4) Able to lay-out and work independently
3) Adequately understands mechanical concepts
2) Difficulty in understanding simple concepts
1) Cannot grasp simple concepts

Personal Appearance:
5) Neat, clean and in good condition, excellent hygiene
4) Clothes are always clean and hair is trimmed
3) Clothes are washed regularly and hygiene is good
2) Clothes are tattered, appearance is disheveled
1) Tattered &/or dirty clothing, unshaven, poor hygiene

Interest in Job:
5) Interest improves all the time, learns all he/she can
4) Does a good job, desire to get ahead
3) Learns normally, shows normal interest
2) Just a job, little desire, no attempt to learn
1) Could care less, no interest, dislikes job

Punctuality & Attendance:
5) Never late or absent
4) May be late once every 5 months
3) Fair attendance record
2) Is late often, misses Mondays & Fridays frequently
1) Tardy and absent often, doesn’t call in

Interactions with Others:
5) Helpful, polite, well liked and well spoken
4) Polite and good interaction with others
3) Merely acceptable behavior
2) Disagreeable, poor interaction with others
1) Argumentative & aggressive

This evaluation will be reviewed with the Apprentice.