BAC Local 1 Oregon/Washington/Idaho/Montana

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To:          BAC Local 1 OR/WA/ID/MT members

From:    Matt Eleazer

Date:     March 24, 2020

RE:          Oregon & Washington “Shelter-In-Place” Orders

BAC Local 1 OR/WA/ID/MT Journeyworkers now have access to OSHA training online. 

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How much is awarded?

  • Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to deserving Apprentices enrolled in the Local #1 Oregon Apprenticeship Program.  The Apprentice Scholarships will be paid out in $500 increments.  The winning Apprentices will each receive $500 shortly after the winners are chosen and then the winners will each receive the second $500 installment in January 2022, provided they are still enrolled in the Apprenticeship Program.    

 Who is eligible?

TO: BAC Local 1 OR/WA/ID/MT members

From: Matt Eleazer

Date: March 16, 2020

RE: COVID-19 Virus

At this early stage of the pandemic in North America every segment of our economy is faced with balancing how to conduct business while also preserving the health and safety of our workers.


Please come back to this webpage to see if acceptance of applications will resume.

Applications are accepted Monday - Friday 8 AM - 11 AM and 1 PM - 3 PM
or you may call 503-234-3781 for an appointment.

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Why are Oregon building trades workers paid the area prevailing wage when the state spends money on construction, but not when the state funds construction via tax subsidies?  HB 2194  and SB 291 would expand the prevailing rate requirement to include public works funded via tax credits or tax abatements. Contact your legistlature and tell them what you think!