BAC Local 1 Oregon/Washington/Idaho/Montana

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BAC local 1 OR/WA/ID/MT is seeking a full-time Apprentice coordinator in our Portland, Oregon facility.

BAC Local 1 OR/WA/ID/MT Journeyworkers now have access to OSHA training online. 

As daylight hours increase during summer, so does business.  A great example is Construction.  As the number of projects grows, our workforce wants to complete as many as possible during these hour

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Scholarship Details

  • A total of four $1,000 scholarships are being offered to:
    • Students currently enrolled in the BAC Local #1 OR/WA/ID/MT Apprenticeship Program

The Scholarship will be paid out in $500 increments, one in the current year, and one in January of the next following year if the Apprentice is still enrolled in the Apprenticeship Program.  If the Apprentice is no longer enrolled in the Apprenticeship Program, the second installment of the Scholarship will not be awarded.

BAC US Members:

BAC annually awards three scholarships to students whose parents or step-parents are US BAC members. The stipends are $5,000 per year for up to four years – up to $20,000 total.

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must:



  1.  Graduating High School Senior
  2.  Son or Daughter of Union Building Trades Member
  3.  Minimum 500 word essay why this scholarship is important to you.


906 Columbia St SW #107
Olympia, WA 98501
360-357-6778 phone
360-357-6783 fax

DEADLINE DATE: Friday, May 13, 2022

Applications are accepted Monday - Friday 8 AM - 11 AM and 1 PM - 3 PM

or you may call 503-234-3781 for an appointment.

You must provide your state issued ID (front and back) along with the application*.  You may print out the application below, then call for details 503-234-3781 OR drop the application at our location:

Take Action

Montana's State Legislature is considering  HB 251 , a right-to-work bill.  This bill will cut pay, benefits, our way of life and create dangerous work conditions.  In right-to-work states, pay for skilled workers  and benefits in the construction trade is far below those that have collective bargaining.   Contact your legistlature and tell them what you think!